Graphing Linear Equations Treasure Hunt Activity

    Are you working on graphing linear equations? This activity is PERFECT if you are looking to have fun while giving your kiddos some practice! Did I mention it is also self-checking?!

    graphing linear equations treasure hunt activity

    How It Works

    Students find the intersection of the two previous graphed lines which land on a picture that either EARNS or LOSES them “mini treasures”!

    Self-Checking with Treasure

    Parrots, ships, and treasure chests are among the point of intersections in this activity leading to “mini treasures” that the students must calculate to find the “ultimate treasure.” If this number is off, have your students go back and check their graphs! (answer key included)

    graphing linear equations worksheet snapshot

    Easily Differentiate with Different Levels

    Three different maps makes differentiation EASY:

    1. Level I: Graphing in slope-intercept form (easy)
    2. Level II: Graphing in slope-intercept form and standard form (easy/medium)
    3. Level III: Graphing in slope-intercept form and MOSTLY standard form (medium/hard)
    4. ALL include graphing horizontal and vertical lines

    End-of-Activity Prize

    Ok, this is the part of the activity your students will LOVE! Once they calculate the total treasure, they ACTUALLY GET A TREASURE! Reward your students for a job well done by letting them pick form several classroom coupons (included) – or a treasure of your choice! (Bonus if you have a locked treasure chest in your classroom!)

    middle school math incentive treasure reward box

    Printer Friendly

    Available in grayscale and full color!

    Possible Uses

    • end of topic review
    • final project on graphing linear equations
    • test or quiz prep
    • introduction to systems of equations

    Don’t miss out! Get this activity here and let me know about your experiences below!

    linear equations treasure hunt for 8th grade math class1
    linear equations treasure hunt for 8th grade math class2

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