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Two Step Equations Activity: a DIGITAL Escape Room for Google Forms

    Have I mentioned yet that I get REALLY excited about escape rooms? I created a two-step equations digital escape room activity just in case you find yourself in a remote or hybrid learning environment! It is very similar to my two step equations activity escape room and I think your students are going to LOVE it! Just check out the introduction trailer below:

    Do you think you HAVE to have it? Just click here for more details or see the run-down below!

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    How this Two-Step Equations Activity Works

    Once this activity is assigned, students will be asked to watch the intro video above. Not only does this explain the instructions, but it also gets them excited to try and escape!

    They will be taken from one clue to another being asked to:
    1.) Write the equation that represents the situation
    2.) Solve the equation
    3.) Determine where the next clue is hidden

    All questions are multiple choice. The answers to their questions form a 3-digit code! They cannot continue until they have the right combination!

    two step equations digital distance learning activity for Google Forms

    There are 9 clues altogether. Each clue describes a specific, hypothetical school-related activity. The “Up Next…” section leaves a clue as to where they can find the next clue! Once they’ve completed all clues, they will have escaped just in time for the school dance! Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this one – grab it now!

    Tell me how your students enjoyed this activity below!


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