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Surface Area and Volume: A Hands On Project

Ok, teachers – get ready for a couple of FUN FILLED days with your kiddos! Castle Creation is a great surface area and volume project that challenges students to CREATE, MEASURE, and CALCULATE the surface area and volume of several 3-D figures. This project has quickly become a BEST SELLER in my store and for good reasons. Below are the basics of what you need to get started PLUS a NETS FREEBIE! Read on!

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How It Works

In this surface area and volume project, students work in teams to build a castle out of 3-D figures. They must create, measure and calculate surface area and volume of their castle! Plus, students will be gaining valuable teamwork skills to come up with strategies to help them build a great castle! Here’s how it works:

  • create the following figures: cube, tetrahedron, pyramid, rectangular prism, cylinder or cone (get them for FREE here)
  • use a ruler to measure figures as necessary
  • calculate surface area of a figure
  • build a castle using multiple figures
  • calculate number of faces, vertices and edges on their castle
  • calculate TOTAL volume of castle using given formulas

OPTIONAL: At project end, students will vote on their favorite castle! I LOVE adding this in – students REALLY get into building a great castle. Reward the winning team with a prize of your choice!

Do your students need a little more guidance? I’ve created this complete lesson to help! It comes with a student packet to guide them through every step. Also included are the nets, formula guide, answer key, and student reward coupons!

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Tell me below how this lesson worked in your classroom. I would LOVE to see some completed castles!

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