Flipped Classroom Curriculum Guide

Grade 8

Unit 1 – Real Numbers

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1. Rational NumbersVideo LessonCut & Paste ActivityComplete Lesson
2. Decimal ExpansionsVideo LessonCard Sort ActivityComplete Lesson
3. Converting Terminating and
Repeating Decimals Into Fractions
Video LessonScavenger HuntComplete Lesson
4. Square RootsVideo LessonSquare Root Robot ActivityComplete Lesson
5. Cube RootsVideo LessonCube Roots Booklet Complete Lesson
6. Estimating RootsVideo LessonEstimating Roots GameComplete Lesson
7. Ordering Real NumbersVideo LessonOrdering Real Numbers GameComplete Lesson
8. Estimating ExpressionsVideo LessonPartner ChallengeComplete Lesson
Real Numbers Review & Test

Unit 2 – Properties of Exponents

1. Exponential NotationVideo LessonDice ChallengeComplete Lesson
2. Properties of Exponents – Pt. 1Video LessonGallery WalkComplete Lesson
3. Properties of Exponents – Pt. 2Video LessonMemory GameComplete Lesson
4. Properties of Exponents – Pt. 3Video Lesson4-in-a-Row GameComplete Lesson

Unit 3 – Scientific Notation

1. Estimating Large NumbersVideo LessonRoad Trip ChallengeComplete Lesson
2. Estimating Small NumbersVideo LessonNature ActivityComplete Lesson
3. Comparing NumbersVideo LessonWalk Around ActivityComplete Lesson
4. Scientific NotationVideo LessonActivityComplete Lesson
5. Multiplying & Dividing Expressions in Scientific NotationVideo LessonActivityComplete Lesson