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8 Activities to Practice Scientific Notation

    Are you looking for something a little more engaging to practice scientific notation this year? Below you will find 8 engaging activities for all parts of your unit on scientific notation. These resources are geared towards 8th grade, but would make a great addition to any pre-algebra classroom.

    #1. Estimating Large Numbers

    Objective: Estimate large numbers as the product of a single digit number times a power of 10.

    Activity: Estimation Nation Road Trip Challenge – Students will take a road trip around the USA. They will determine the path they must take by estimating the populations of several cities!

    activity for estimating large numbers in 8th grade math

    #2. Estimating Small Numbers

    Objective: Estimate small numbers as the product of a single digit number times a power of 10.

    Activity (FREE!): Nature Activity – Students will estimate the measurements of various insects and elements found in nature with this visual activity!

    activity for estimating small numbers in 8th grade math

    #3. Comparing Numbers

    Objective: Compare very large and very small numbers

    Activity: Walk-Around Activity – Students will freely walk around as an “object,” determining approximately how many times greater they are than other “objects” around the room (their classmates).

    activity for comparing small and large numbers in pre algebra

    #4. Scientific Notation

    Objective: Write very small and very large numbers in scientific notation.

    Activity: Scavenger Hunt Activity – Students practice scientific notation by solving a variety of questions posted around the room. Their answers will then lead them to the next problem!

    activity to practice writing numbers in scientific notation

    Check out my curriculum guide for even more lessons and activities!

    #5. Multiplying and Dividing Expressions in Scientific Notation

    Objective: Multiply and divide expressions written in scientific notation

    Activity: Partner Match Activity – Partner matches are a favorite for both students and teachers. Students work with a partner to complete DIFFERENT problems that have the SAME answers in this self-checking activity!

    activity to practice multiplying and dividing expressions in scientific notation

    #6. Adding and Subtracting Expressions in Scientific Notation

    Objective: Add and subtract expressions written in scientific notation

    Activity: Riddle Activity – Students must solve problems to help them answer the question “Why do plants hate math?”

    riddle activity for adding and subtracting numbers in scientific notation

    #7. Solving Real-World Problems Using Scientific Notation

    Objective: Solve real-life problems using scientific notation

    Activity: Poster Presentation Activity – Students will solve real-world problems and then create a detailed poster to present their findings!

    activity for solving real world problems using scientific notation

    #8. Scientific Notation Generated with a Calculator

    Objective: Solve and interpret expressions in scientific notation using a calculator

    Activity: Color-by-Number – Students solve expressions in scientific notation using their calculator and then use the answers to color in an owl!

    activity for scientific notation generated with a calculator

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