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Two-Step Equations Word Problems Activity for the Math Classroom

    I create a LOT of activities for the middle school math classroom, but I am particularly excited about this one. I’ve always liked the idea of escape rooms and I finally came across the perfect topic in my curriculum to implement one – Two-Step Equations Word Problems! However, this isn’t your ordinary escape room! Keep reading to see how this one works!

    Looking for a digital version? No problem, find it here!

    Before Starting

    You’ll start by hiding nine clues around your room (for example, under a window, by your lunchbox, and near the clock to name a few).

    a clue from the two step equations activity for the middle school math classroom

    Step 2: Send Students on a Mission to Escape

    Students will follow a first clue, given by you, to several other clues hidden around the room. They must solve these problems by setting up and solving two-step equations.

    Where will they find the next clue? They must work as a team to decipher the next hiding spot by reading what is “up next.”

    a clue from the middle school math clssroom two steap equations escape room dance challenge

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    Step 3: DECODE the Final Challenge

    Ok, this is where it gets interesting! Take a look at a snapshot of the student answer sheet…

    student wrksheet two step equations word problems

    See the gray shapes? The number from their answer that falls into each shape will be plugged into a “final challenge” (see snapshot below)… a final DANCE CHALLENGE! Don’t tell your students that they are expected to perform a dance to “escape,” that is half the fun of unveiling the challenge!

    two step equations word problems escape room dance challenge

    I cannot wait to hear how your students liked solving two-step equations word problems in this challenge! Be sure to come back to this page and let us all know! Bonus points if you leave photos!

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    two step equations math classroom activity escape room dance challenge
    two step equations math classroom activity escape room dance challenge

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