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Cube Root Booklet

    I was looking for something that was hands on, visual and could be kept with kids throughout the year. That is when I came up with this little cube root booklet! It shows a cube and connects its volume to the cube root. You can find the booklet here. Take a look below.

    Step 1: Cut along the dotted lines.

    Step 2: Put them in order and start folding them in half.

    Step 3: Staple along the edge of the book.

    Step 4: Fill out the information on each page. Note, the first page should set an example for how the rest of the booklet should look. As the booklet goes on, kids must fill in more and more information by themselves.

    Step 5: Every other page, you will have to glue together.

    Step 6: Here is an example of one of the last pages. Notice that students must label the cube and completely find volume on their own.
    Step 7: Give the book a title (and write your name on it). I got fancy and gave mine a little binding by glueing on a red piece of card stock over the staples (totally not necessary). And voila! Your own little book of cube roots!

    Let me know how your students liked this booklet below!

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