10 Easy Ways to Use Task Cards in Your Classroom

Group Activities

#1 – Stations
Set up stations around your room.  Students will rotate around the room completing problems in their notebook.  It is recommended to use 4 task cards per station.  

#2 – Pair with a Game
Use these with games such as checkers, tic tac toe, and more! For a student to take their turn, they must correctly complete a task card within their group. They may not advance until each person takes their turn. This is a great opportunity for peer-to-peer instruction if a student gets stuck!

#3 – Board Relay
Split your class into two groups. They will each make a line at the whiteboard. Pick a card at random for students at the board to complete. The first person in line writes any necessary work and the answer on the white board. The second person in line is the “helper,” helping the “writer figure out the answer to the problem. The first team to answer correctly gets a point. The first person will go to the end of the line and his “helper” now becomes the “writer.” Continue until all task cards have been used!

#4 – Small Group Interventions
Use these to scaffold learning in small groups during class, lunch or after school. The task cards I offer for 7th and 8th grade math have three levels!


#5 – Gallery Walk
Similar to stations, students will rotate around the room.  In this activity, hang 1 -2 task cards on the wall around your classroom.  In pairs, students will rotate every 2-3 minutes (or longer for more difficult material) until all task cards have been completed. Note: since these task cards are numbered, you may want to add a sticky note next to the problems with a “station number” for the students to reference.

#6 – Speed Dating
For this activity, pairs of desks must be facing one another. Give everyone a task card and count off the class by 2s. The “1s” will sit on one side and the “2s” on the other. Designate one of the groups to be the “movers” who will move from desk to desk when time is up. Have students quiz each other on the question they have in hand. Record answers in a notebook and review when the game is over. This is a great way to get kids moving!

Independent Practice

#7 – Scoot
Put a task card on each desk.  Students complete the task card in front of them and “scoot” to the next desk when the timer goes off (1 – 2 min.)  Continue until all students have completed each problem in their notebooks! 

#8 – Bonus Points
Have these cards on hand to give to a student looking for some bonus points. Offer 1 point per card or make up your own incentive!

#9 – Enrichment
Give these to students who need a little push. Each set of task cards in my store offer 3 levels of difficulty!

#10 – Homework
Often times I would have parents ask me for extra work for their students. For some reason, task cards seem less intimidating than just another worksheet!

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