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Percents and Proportional Relationships

Bundle 1: Finding the Whole, included:
1. Percents
2. Percents – Part of a Whole
3. Comparing Quantities with Percent
4. Percent Increase and Decrease
5. Finding 100% Given Another Percent
6. Fluency with Percents

Bundle 2: Percent Problems with More Than One Whole, included:
7. Markup and Markdown Problems
8. Percent Error Problems
9. Problem Solving when the Percent Changes
10. Simple Interest
11. Tax, Commission, Fees and Applications

Bundle 3: Scale Drawings, included:
12. Scale Factor as a Percent for Scale Drawings
13. Changing Scales
14. Computing Actual Length from a Scale Drawing
15. Solving Area Problems Using Scale Drawings

Bundle 4: Population, Mixture, and Counting Problems, included:
16. Population Problems with Percent
17. Percent – Part of a Whole
18. Comparing Quantities with Percent

Complete Supplementary Pack, included:
– 18 worksheets above
– word wall