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Bundle 1: Unknown Angles, included:
1. Naming an Angle
2. Complementary and Supplementary Angles
3. Types of Angles
4. Solving for Unknown Angles Using Equations

Bundle 2: Constructing Triangles, included:
5. Identical Triangles
6. Using a Compass, Ruler and Protractor
7. Drawing Parallelograms
8. Drawing Triangles
9. Conditions for Drawing Unique Triangles
10. Measurements that Determine a Triangle
11. Identical Triangles – Part II
12. Using Triangles to Solve Real-Life and Mathematical Problems

Bundle 3: Slicing Solids, included:
13. Slicing a Right Rectangular Prism with a Plane
14. Slicing a Right Rectangular Pyramid with a Plane
15. Slicing at an Angle
16. Slicing 3-D Figures with a Plane

Bundle 4: Area, Surface Area and Volume, included:
17. Real-World Area Problems
18. Using Surface Area to Multiply Two Binomials
19. Area Problems with Circles
20. Surface Area
21. Volume of Right Prisms
22. Volume of Composite 3-D Objects
23. Real-World Volume Problems