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Free Video + Guided Notes for Middle School Math

Any little bit helps! Keep the learning going with these guided notes. Students will fill out these notes while watching a short (FREE) video! Tell us below how you’re keeping the learning going during this Coronavirus shutdown. VIEW ALL LESSONS AND ACTIVITIES HERE

Real Numbers Unit

1. Rational NumbersVideo Lesson
2. Decimal ExpansionsVideo Lesson
3. Converting Terminating and
Repeating Decimals Into Fractions
Video Lesson
4. Square RootsVideo Lesson
5. Cube Roots
Video Lesson
6. Estimating RootsVideo Lesson
7. Ordering Real NumbersVideo Lesson
8. Estimating ExpressionsVideo Lesson

Properties of Exponents Unit

1. Exponential NotationVideo Lesson
2. Properties of Exponents – Part 1Video Lesson
3. Properties of Exponents – Part 2Video Lesson
4. Properties of Exponents – Part 3Video Lesson

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